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Best Short Film​​

Joschka Laukeninks
As a young child our protagonist is left by his mother and has to live with his violent father. He fights his way through adolescence and falls in love with the woman of his dreams and just as everything seems to be finally working out for him, a sudden event changes the course of his life forever. A story about how everything we love, everything we learn, everything we build, everything we fear, will one day be gone.
Best Narrative

Taste of Love
Paul Scheufler
„What is the taste of love?“ Could it be sweet, sour, bitter or even salty? A girl embarks on an aromatic journey of love, stimulating her taste buds to the point of climax. With all senses, she explores the various forms love can take on.
Best Debut

Just Words
​​Ilia Antonenko
A quiet domesticated policeman and his happy-go-lucky colleague are investigating a routine suicide.  The policeman breaks the law and his own moral principles after he has heard a familiar voice from a victim’s  cellphone.
Best Horror

I Love Eva Marsh
Rémy Rondeau
Summer 1996. A small town nestled in the shadow of a gigantic factory. Ben, a shy eleven year old boy, lives there alone with her mom when she leaves him to strike. The coming of the troubling Eva in his bunch disturbs him a little bit more, especially when she mentions the legend of a mysterious creature hidden under a nearby lake’s pontoon. As a game, Eva challenges Ben: go down the "pontoon of the death" , and come back. But Ben fails miserably. At night, the Creature appears to him.
Best Drama

A Whole World For A Little World
Fabrice Bracq
A woman tells a great story to her baby. In the manner of a tale with princes and princesses, she remains into his memories to pass on his daughter.
Best Comedy

Joseba Alfaro
In the afterlife, a nice girl from Earth is willing to get a new personality for her next life cycle, one that truly works: really selfish and superficial. But she is still a looser, and getting that personality won’t be easy.
Best Student Film

Hard Way-The Action Musical
Daniel Vogelmann
HARD WAY combines Action and Musical. A story of hard men with hard feelings. Jake loses his best friend Zach in a S.W.A.T. operation near Detroit. Eight months later Jake and his team are trying to get „The Mother“ - the terrorist responsible for Zach's death. While singing and dancing they fight their way through their enemies. But then Jake's blind thirst for revenge leads them into the deadly hands of a sniper. 
Best Feature

Who is the Culprit
 Jason Jia
Since it came to power in Mainland China in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been unceasing in its persecution of religious faith. It has frantically arrested and murdered Christians, expelled and abused missionaries operating in China, confiscated and burned countless copies of the Bible, sealed up and demolished church buildings, and tried to eradicate all house churches. A great number of Christians in house churches have been arrested and persecuted. This documentary describes the real experience of a Chinese Christian, Zhou Haijiang who was arrested by the CCP government, tortured, and died from his mistreatment because of his belief in God and performance of duty. After Zhou Haijiang's death, his family was also monitored, threatened, and terrified by the CCP. They were not only unable to get justice for the deceased, but were thrown into disarray by the CCP's persecution. This exquisitely-shot documentary attempts to recreate what really happened at the time, and provides a profound reflection of the flagrant encroachment of the religious beliefs and human rights of Chinese Christians. It is a window to understanding the true lives of Chinese Christians and Christian families, as well as a reflection—rarely seen in recent years—of the experiences and emotions of Chinese Christians who have been persecuted as a result of their faith.
Best Experimental

Off Track
Antoine de
A dropout has lost someone he loved. His life won't be the same after that departure
Best Musical

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth
 The Church of Almighty God
The Result Achieved by Knowing God    One day, you'll feel the Creator's no more a riddle, He's never been hidden, never covered His face from you; He's not far from you at all; He's no longer the One you yearn for day and night but can't reach with your feelings. He is genuinely standing guard around your side, supplying your life, and controlling your fate. He's not on the distant horizon, nor is He hidden in the clouds. He is right by your side, reigning over your all. He's your everything and your only One.    A God as such makes you adore Him, admire Him, cling to Him, hold Him close, whom you fear to lose, no longer want to turn your back on and disobey, or avoid and distance from; you just want to care for Him, obey Him, repay all He gives you, submit to His dominion. You no longer refuse His guidance, supply, care, and protection; you don't resist His sovereignty and arrangement any more. You just want to follow Him, be with Him; you just want to accept Him as your one and only life, as your one and only Lord and God.     from Preface to Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh
Best Documentary

Benjamin Wilputte
Margaux is a 28-year-old woman talking about sexual assistance, solutions to meet sexual needs of persons with disabilities in institutions and ways to make it a true profession...
Best Thriller

Dark Social
Catharina Isenburg
Global Village, digital generation: mysterious sexual assaults, real and virtual identities, a policewoman who becomes obsessed with the hunt…but who is she after?  A socio-critical tech-noir debut film, showing the alarming dangers of new technologies.
Best Debut Sci-fi

Mind your body
Silke C. Engler
Jo is working as a trainer at the Fitness Company MIND YOUR BODY. His conciousness is slipping into the body of a customer and he is doing their sportsprogram for them.    During this session Jo is not allowed to make any contact to the customer’s environment. Otherwise the exchange of conciousness could be disturbed. Dreams can originate and they are strictly forbidden in this future world. One day when Jo traines the famous Eddie he meets Ery and suddenly for him everything changes.
Best Web/New Media

​HCK - a short biographical film profile which blends the creative demands of the artist, Martin Heck and director, Lukas Tielke. It’s all about finding new individual approaches, new inspirations and challenges. Driven by the fear of turning into routine. Fighting against internal compulsions. Using external influences to rise. Reflecting the inner perspective of things. Processing with experiences and thoughts coming up and transforming them into unique handmade pieces. The future of work is human.
 Special Festival Mentions
​​​​​​The Last Bus
Daniel Barrera
a bus stop, one night and two people desperate for change their lifes are enough elements to take some risk. julio speaks on a payphone with his wife, is bored about his work and bugged by his family..

​​​​​Yunas Lunch
Myeong Jin Park
after a traumatic experience yuna became a mute. since that time, she has lived a tough life and works hard to make money and support herself. for work, she makes lunch box meals and eats the lunches with..

Madeleine  Nieddu FresiGuy Stephens
Cordelia (The Sisterhood K.) is a fashion film based on King Lear by William Shakespeare and the Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky. The film explores the theme of patricide through the verses and phrases of these great masterpieces.
Lukas Klaschinski
A man is heading ruthlessly towards his goal and loses connection to what he once was: A child! 

 Audience Awards
​​​​​​Ringo Rocket Star And His Song For Yuri..
Rene Nuijens
‘ringo rocket star and his song for yuri gagarin' is a dry tragic musical comedy (short) film about a gipsy guy who think he can be famous by writing a song for the first man in the space 'yuri gagarin'.

Professional Cuddler
Mika Orr
Nadav, 29, is a young Israeli man who’s come to New York to pursue his dreams.  By day, he plays the trumpet, and by night he works as a “Professional Cuddler” in order to finance his first album. He’s so successful at his night job, he stops renting an apartment of his own, and spends the winter nights in the homes of lonely women.  The film follows the first meeting between Nadav and Netta, 32, an Israeli woman he met online and fell in love with. They’ve been having an internet affair for several months, and now she’s finally boarded a plane to New York. Will they be able to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds? 

Water Memories
Anaís  Medina Tony Navarro
in the shortfilm one that treats the racial and sexual diversity of carla and helena, two young women who dream of being olympic swimmers and who keep their friendship secret due to the racism of their..
​​​​​​​​​​Ma Belle
Antoni Caimari Caldés
michelle, a woman obsessed with beauty, finds herself enveloped in her own labyrinth. a double-edged sword that makes him transform his leitmotiv into a stubborn obstinacy.

Next Year
6-year-old little boy, Samet lives in a village which has a closed and unusable school. The closest school to the village is very far away, and every year the headman of the village chooses some kids who will be able to withstand this challenging journey. Samet who is madly excited to go to the school for this purpose will be faced with first tough experience of his life.
Critics Awards
Nils Helling
When Leah learns that her Dad fell seriously ill, she escapes into her own world. Soon the 12 year old girl must witness her sanctuary revealing itself as a dim and gloomy place. Something sinister is hiding in it's darkness and when it starts following her, she's about to drown in her nightmare once and for all.

Linda Dombrovszky
 An elderly man is unable to accept that he is made to retire and his life takes a dramatic turn, when he realises that he cannot finish the work of his life. 

Inwook Kim
sisters who living in an apartment. the juvenile young sister left home in the middle of the night, an intruder breaks into the house where the older one left alone.
Raphael Bittencourt
BERNARD is the CEO of an engineering company. He is pressed by one of his opponents in a federal bid to pay a huge bribe to participate in the bid. He ignores the opponent which kidnaps his son, his daughter and himself. Now Bernard’s opponent, as a lesson, demands him to not only abandon the bid, but also to kill one of his kids in order to save the other one and rest of the family.

Ana Maria Ferri
Coco is Sergio's inseparable friend since Carla left. One day Coco takes him to "Láquesis", Carla's favourite shop. It seems to emit a powerful magic.     This is a dark tale about how everything that makes you happy can disappear in the blink of an eye. One moment of distraction is enough for our life to end up in the hands of a destiny that was not ours ... or maybe yes.
Eirini Polydorou
Entitled “N.O. S.U.G.A.R.”, this film, is about a New Order Soundless Undercover Genteel Active Respectable homeless… Greece… available “for rent”, and/or, about a Solidarity Urgent GREEK / GLOBAL Arising Revolution (?). A romantic story or an allegory for the contemporary history of Greece... perhaps for the future too...

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